Utah County and Park City Offices

Zach Tanner manager

Manager: Zach Tanner

P: (801) 995-2513

Growing up with a rich history in the industry has definitely helped advance our company and make them one of the top companies in the state. Having a family full of Painters/Contractors has been a huge help to me. I have been involved in the construction industry for 5 years now, and have specialized in painting and finished carpentry for the majority of that time. Having been born here in Utah gives me lots of connections, and pushes to maintain a 5 star reputation. I have professionally painted in over 5 states, and have left every customer just as happy as the last. We look forward to working with you on your next project!

Orem, UT Utah County

Park City, UT

Salt Lake County Office

Matt Reynolds manager

Manager: Matt Reynolds

P: (801) 845-6262

I have owned and operated a painting company in Colorado for the past 8 years specializing in custom paint jobs. Prior to that I attended Colorado state university for my bachelors in science and in mechanical engineering.  Being a part of a great company and making customers happy is something I enjoy.

Salt Lake City, UT Salt Lake County

Nevada Office

Las Vegas manager

Manager: Kayden Porter

P: (801) 995-8535

I've been involved in the construction industry for 5 years now and have worked with many painting companies. Prior to becoming a part of Painter Bros I was operating as an independent contractor in the state of Nevada. I take great pride in our work and make sure every customer is just as satisfied as the last. Joining Painter Bros has been an awesome opportunity, and I have enjoyed every minute of it!

Las Vegas, NV Clark County

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